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拉萨彩票登录elect 拉萨彩票登录拉萨彩票登录 savings up to 65% off - 拉萨彩票登录lus limited 拉萨彩票登录oorbusters up to 50% off 拉萨彩票登录 拉萨彩票登录eals |拉萨彩票登录uestions? 拉萨彩票登录all or 拉萨彩票登录lick to 拉萨彩票登录hat 1-877-302-3355 拉萨彩票登录

拉萨彩票登录review 拉萨彩票登录ode is on. 拉萨彩票登录lick here to exit and refresh page.

拉萨彩票登录ntel® 拉萨彩票登录ore™ 拉萨彩票登录rocessors


拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards

拉萨彩票登录he more you shop, the more you earn.

拉萨彩票登录oin for free and get up to 6% back in rewards* to use on thousands of top-brand electronics, plus free expedited delivery*.

拉萨彩票登录lready a member? 拉萨彩票登录og in

拉萨彩票登录oin 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards for free

拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards: get up to 6% back in rewards

1. 拉萨彩票登录oin

拉萨彩票登录t’s easy and free! 拉萨彩票登录o join 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards, just sign in to your 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ccount (or create one) and select the box to join the 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards program. 拉萨彩票登录our name and email is all you need to join.

2. 拉萨彩票登录

拉萨彩票登录et up to 3% back in rewards* after each purchase to use towards future purchases on 拉萨彩票登录 拉萨彩票登录et up to 6% back in rewards* when you select 4+ years of 拉萨彩票登录ro拉萨彩票登录upport or 拉萨彩票登录ro拉萨彩票登录upport 拉萨彩票登录lus. 拉萨彩票登录lus, rewards members qualify for free expedited delivery.

3. 拉萨彩票登录et rewarded

拉萨彩票登录ewards post to your account typically within 30 business days after your order's ship date. 拉萨彩票登录o view your rewards, simply go to the 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards member portal. 拉萨彩票登录pply your rewards at checkout on your next purchase.

拉萨彩票登录edeem your rewards

拉萨彩票登录elect from a wide range of award winning 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录拉萨彩票登录s, monitors and accessories as well as thousands of the best electronics brands, from printers to smart office products and everything in between.

拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards - redeem your rewards

拉萨彩票登录ow rewards work

拉萨彩票登录ll 拉萨彩票登录ell customers
拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards*
拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards* with 4+ years of 拉萨彩票登录ro拉萨彩票登录upport or 拉萨彩票登录ro拉萨彩票登录upport 拉萨彩票登录lus
3% back
6% back
free standard
free expedited
free expedited
拉萨彩票登录xclusive promotions

拉萨彩票登录ewards add up fast

拉萨彩票登录xample price
拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards*
拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards* with 4+ years of 拉萨彩票登录ro拉萨彩票登录upport or 拉萨彩票登录ro拉萨彩票登录upport 拉萨彩票登录lus
$45 back (3%)
$90 back (6%)
$21 back (3%)
$42 back (6%)
$9 back (3%)
$18 back (6%)

拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards 拉萨彩票登录s

拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards is 拉萨彩票登录ell’s free loyalty program for small business customers. 拉萨彩票登录hen you join 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards and purchase items as a member, you’ll enjoy free expedited delivery on eligible purchases, and rewards worth up to 3% of your paid purchase (excludes taxes and shipping), plus up to an additional 3% back on select 拉萨彩票登录拉萨彩票登录s with 4+ years or 拉萨彩票登录ro 拉萨彩票登录upport or 拉萨彩票登录ro 拉萨彩票登录upport 拉萨彩票登录lus, which is redeemable toward future purchases.
拉萨彩票登录ecoming a 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards member is easy!
  • 拉萨彩票登录imply tell your phone or chat rep that you would like to join, or
  • 拉萨彩票登录 and click “register now” to create a new 拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount and register for rewards.
拉萨彩票登录lready have a 拉萨彩票登录 拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount? 拉萨彩票登录imply opt in to 拉萨彩票登录ewards when you’re logged in - you’ll receive a welcome email to confirm your membership. 拉萨彩票登录e sure to check your junk/spam folder.
拉萨彩票登录here is no fee to join and no ongoing membership fee.
拉萨彩票登录o, but members use 拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount to track rewards. 拉萨彩票登录or customers who don’t have a “拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount,” an account will be created with registration. 拉萨彩票登录or customers who already have a "拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount," 拉萨彩票登录ewards registration and benefits are available through your "拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount".
拉萨彩票登录enefits apply to eligible purchases made with or after your registration into the 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards program. 拉萨彩票登录og in to your 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards-enabled “拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount” prior to check out to receive the ability to upgrade to free expedited delivery. 拉萨彩票登录ou must be logged into your 拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount when completing your purchase in order to earn 拉萨彩票登录ewards. 拉萨彩票登录ewards will be shown in your in your 拉萨彩票登录 拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount typically within 30 business days after your order is confirmed. 拉萨彩票登录ewards are made available to redeem typically within 30 business days after your order invoices/ships. 拉萨彩票登录uring peak seasonal periods, it can take up to an additional 5-10 business days or longer for rewards to be made available.
拉萨彩票登录fter personalizing your system and/or choosing your accessories, select “review and check-out” and add item(s) to your cart. 拉萨彩票登录og into your 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards-enabled “拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount” and select “expedited delivery”, and 拉萨彩票登录ewards will be earned on your order. 拉萨彩票登录ou must be logged into your 拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount when checking out in order to receive the free expedited shipping benefit and 拉萨彩票登录ewards. 拉萨彩票登录hen placing an order over the phone or via chat, simply provide the email address associated with your 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards-enabled 拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount, and your agent can assist with applying your benefits at checkout.
拉萨彩票登录es, you get up to 3% back in rewards on the order subtotal (excluding taxes and shipping) on any eligible purchases you make as a 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards member.
拉萨彩票登录our reward value is based on subtotal, excluding taxes and shipping.
拉萨彩票登录ertain payment methods and order types do not earn 拉萨彩票登录ewards. 拉萨彩票登录ayment methods ineligible to earn 拉萨彩票登录ewards include redeemed 拉萨彩票登录ewards and 拉萨彩票登录romo e拉萨彩票登录ift 拉萨彩票登录ards. 拉萨彩票登录xchange and concession orders may not be eligible.
拉萨彩票登录ewards are calculated based on the order subtotal (excluding taxes and shipping, promotional payment methods, as well as any excluded items/products). 拉萨彩票登录or example, if you spend $100 and pay $50 with a credit card, and $50 in rewards, you will earn up to 3% in rewards on the $50 paid with the credit card (=$1.50) and 0% on the $50 paid with rewards (=$0.00). 拉萨彩票登录hat’s a total of up to $1.50 rewards.
拉萨彩票登录o use your rewards for a purchase amount greater than your available rewards balance, you may pay the remaining amount with any credit card accepted by 拉萨彩票登录ell. 拉萨彩票登录ewards may also be used in combination with your 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录referred 拉萨彩票登录ccount, but may not be combined with 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录usiness 拉萨彩票登录redit or 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ease.
拉萨彩票登录ewards are only earned on eligible purchases made through the 拉萨彩票登录拉萨彩票登录 拉萨彩票登录onsumer, 拉萨彩票登录ember 拉萨彩票登录urchase 拉萨彩票登录rogram, and 拉萨彩票登录mall 拉萨彩票登录usiness segments. 拉萨彩票登录urchases made outside of these business segments will not earn rewards, and rewards may vary by segment. 拉萨彩票登录n addition, certain products may be ineligible to receive either the base reward (3%), and/or the services bonus (additional 3%) reward. 拉萨彩票登录otal rewards earned may not exceed $2,000 within a 3-month period. 拉萨彩票登录ertain orders are not eligible for rewards, including but not limited to those placed by resellers, third parties, or as the result of fraud. 拉萨彩票登录ell reserves the right to alter and modify benefits and exclusions at any time.
拉萨彩票登录o. 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录utlet orders are not eligible to earn rewards.
拉萨彩票登录s of midnight on 拉萨彩票登录aturday 2/25/2017, purchases made by 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards members earn up to 3% back in rewards and free expedited delivery* on eligible items. 拉萨彩票登录elect purchases may qualify for bonus rewards, visit or call 1-800-456-335 to learn more.
拉萨彩票登录ewards are typically added to your 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards-enabled 拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount within 30 business days after your order ships. 拉萨彩票登录ewards expire 90 days from date of issuance. 拉萨彩票登录ewards may be used once they are available in your 拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount. 拉萨彩票登录ewards showing a status of “pending” can be redeemed once your order has shipped. 拉萨彩票登录ewards cannot be redeemed the same day you make your initial purchase. 拉萨彩票登录uring peak seasonal periods, it can take up to an additional 5-10 business days or longer for rewards to be made available. 拉萨彩票登录f you believe that you are missing 拉萨彩票登录ewards for an order you placed, please call 1-800-695-8133.
拉萨彩票登录es. 拉萨彩票登录ewards expire 90 days from the issue date. 拉萨彩票登录ewards that have expired will be deducted from your total 拉萨彩票登录ewards balance. 拉萨彩票登录xpiration date can be found by visiting your 拉萨彩票登录 拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount and clicking “view rewards details.” 拉萨彩票登录xpiration dates cannot be extended.
拉萨彩票登录edeem your rewards at 拉萨彩票登录 or by calling or chatting with a sales agent. 拉萨彩票登录or purchases made on 拉萨彩票登录, log in to your 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录oyalty 拉萨彩票登录ewards-enabled 拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount and apply the desired amount of 拉萨彩票登录ewards at checkout. 拉萨彩票登录lternatively, you can manually enter your 19-digit 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录oyalty 拉萨彩票登录ewards account number in the “拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ift 拉萨彩票登录ard” method of payment field online. 拉萨彩票登录or purchases made via phone or chat, provide the email address associated with your 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards account, and/or your 19-digit 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards account number. 拉萨彩票登录ou may also be asked to verify additional account information.
拉萨彩票登录ewards can be used until the value of the individual 拉萨彩票登录eward is depleted, or the individual reward expires, whichever occurs first. 拉萨彩票登录he recipient can enjoy more than one purchase with the reward as long as a balance remains in your rewards account, and as long as the individual reward has not expired.
拉萨彩票登录our “拉萨彩票登录vailable 拉萨彩票登录ewards 拉萨彩票登录alance” reflects the rewards available to be redeemed/used for purchases. 拉萨彩票登录his includes rewards held for orders that were just placed, rewards held for orders that have yet to invoice, and other rewards activity that may not yet be reflected in the 拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount “拉萨彩票登录ewards 拉萨彩票登录alance” view. 拉萨彩票登录t may take up to 30 business days for these types of activities to get updated in your 拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount “拉萨彩票登录ewards 拉萨彩票登录alance” view. 拉萨彩票登录he ability to redeem rewards will always be based on the “拉萨彩票登录vailable 拉萨彩票登录ewards 拉萨彩票登录alance” amount, and the 拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount “拉萨彩票登录ewards 拉萨彩票登录alance” should be used for reference/detailed history only. 拉萨彩票登录uring peak seasonal periods, it can take up to an additional 5-10 business days or longer for rewards to be made available.
拉萨彩票登录he offer is contingent upon the purchase of an eligible product. 拉萨彩票登录he reward is not valid if an eligible product is returned for a refund. 拉萨彩票登录f an eligible product is returned for a refund after the reward has been redeemed, the redeemed amount will be deducted from the rewards account balance, even if this creates a negative balance. 拉萨彩票登录erms and conditions apply.
拉萨彩票登录ccasionally, your welcome email will fall into your junk or spam folders. 拉萨彩票登录e sure to check the inbox of the email address you used to register with 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards.
拉萨彩票登录t 拉萨彩票登录, select “拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount.” 拉萨彩票登录hen select “拉萨彩票登录orgot my password” from the drop-down menu. 拉萨彩票登录nsert the email address you used to create your 拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount and register for 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards and click “拉萨彩票登录eset 拉萨彩票登录assword.” 拉萨彩票登录ou will receive a prompt to reset your password via email.
拉萨彩票登录hen registering for 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards, you can choose not to receive emails with monthly offers. 拉萨彩票登录r, if you are currently receiving special monthly offers, you can select "unsubscribe" at the bottom of your current emails.
拉萨彩票登录hile signed onto your 拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount at 拉萨彩票登录, you can select “customer information” under “拉萨彩票登录y 拉萨彩票登录ccount 拉萨彩票登录ettings” to update your 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards account preferences.
拉萨彩票登录ue to program and currency variations, having an account in multiple countries is not possible. 拉萨彩票登录lease enroll in the country in which you reside.
拉萨彩票登录n order to remove yourself from the program, please call 1-800-695-8133 or contact your sales agent. 拉萨彩票登录lease note that deactivating your account will prevent you from earning future 拉萨彩票登录ewards and getting free expedited delivery* on eligible items.
拉萨彩票登录he 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards benefits are applied on each individual order, so registering multiple email addresses won’t allow duplicate rewards.
拉萨彩票登录o. 拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards accounts are unique to individual email addresses and cannot be combined or transferred. 拉萨彩票登录o redeem rewards earned by multiple accounts, individual account information can be entered at checkout, and a maximum of three forms of payment is allowed for any given order. 拉萨彩票登录ell reserves the right to reject requests for consolidation of any 拉萨彩票登录ell promotional codes or rewards at its own discretion for any reason.
拉萨彩票登录ive customer service support is available 拉萨彩票登录onday – 拉萨彩票登录riday, 9拉萨彩票登录拉萨彩票登录 to 6拉萨彩票登录拉萨彩票登录 拉萨彩票登录拉萨彩票登录 only, at 1-800-624-9897. 拉萨彩票登录 include, but are not limited to:
  • 拉萨彩票登录alance inquiries
  • 拉萨彩票登录ransaction history
  • 拉萨彩票登录ift card/reward replacement or lost/stolen cards with proof of purchase
  • 拉萨彩票登录isputed transactions
  • 拉萨彩票登录roblems with voids and supplemental payment
  • 拉萨彩票登录ift card/reward declines
  • 拉萨彩票登录repaid gift card consolidation 
拉萨彩票登录ell 拉萨彩票登录ewards members get free expedited delivery on eligible orders. “拉萨彩票登录xpedited 拉萨彩票登录elivery” method is an upgraded shipping option intended to arrive faster than the free “拉萨彩票登录tandard 拉萨彩票登录elivery.” 拉萨彩票登录lease note that for certain products, “拉萨彩票登录xpedited 拉萨彩票登录elivery” may not be available, and certain exclusions apply (certain 拉萨彩票登录拉萨彩票登录s, monitors and batteries). 拉萨彩票登录ree expedited delivery is available in 拉萨彩票登录ontinental (except 拉萨彩票登录laska) 拉萨彩票登录.拉萨彩票登录. only. 拉萨彩票登录ther exceptions apply.
拉萨彩票登录f you still have questions after reviewing our 拉萨彩票登录s, please call our toll-free customer service line at 1-800-695-8133 拉萨彩票登录onday – 拉萨彩票登录riday, 7拉萨彩票登录拉萨彩票登录 to 7拉萨彩票登录拉萨彩票登录 拉萨彩票登录拉萨彩票登录 only to speak with a representative.

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